How it started ... ..

Several years ago we lived in a cottage in the countryside with our three cats and a dog.

First, our little group has joined another dog. And after a while .... KOTA saw - a big, beautiful, huge paws and tufts on the ears.

Always dreamed of a big wild cat. And here is the please-cat wild-eyed ....


At the moment I can not imagine life without these wonderful, loved and sensitive beings.

Once residing in our house turned out that we are their devotees. All according to their whims are. All according allow frolics and great mischief. Even if the house is decorated, you might have to adjust .... Well, but what is not done out of love.

And when babies are born - it's our luck goes Zenit.

There is no finer feeling than when the family is increased, and then observed how children grow, "infancy", learn to eat independently, to use the litter box and heels. Uncover the world did not know that yet. Another room, stairs, hallway, kitchen and bathroom, and then pot courtyard and birds ....

And finally comes the moment of parting. And although it is sometimes difficult, when we know that prospective carers give up "children" their hearts, and babies will reciprocate the same, we are delighted that not only we can enjoy the love of these wonderful furries