Strellson Loaded Coonections

MCO ds 03 22


CH Coonections Carl Green Thursday, MCO ns 22, 2008-03-20 [h]

IC Coonections Bad Boy,

MCO n 22, 2007-05-01 [h]

CH Waldemaine Schääl-CBB,

MCO n 22, 2006-06-17, DE/-

CH Racoone Sweet Poison, MCO a 09 22, 2006-04-23, BE/DE [h]

IC Dynamicats Silver Belle,

MCO ns 09 22, 2006-11-13 [h]

Elektra Night Hunting Time, MCO ns 09 22, CA/NL
Guardian Coons Evita, MCO ns 22, NL/NL

Ultra Nova of Baydar

MCO d 02 22


Pillowtalk Laser,

MCO d 09,

2008-11-03, DE/- [h]

Cool Motion Angel-Sky,   MCO n, 2007-07-31
Cool Motion USA,       MCO fs 09

CH Kyrana vom Maiwinkel,

MCO g 09

Lachtetals Blueberry,            MCO as, DE/DE
El Eisra vom Maiwinkel,  MCO f 09 22

Guadiana Sekret*PL

MCO n 09 22



Chic In Time
Of Pabeni, CZ

MCO n 09 22


Mansur Sun
Maine Treasures, CZ

MCO d 03 22

EC FIN*Chamberlain  Zillion Sunrays,JW           MCO ds 09 22
GIC Tabbypatch Imagine
/CFA/                     MCO g 09 22

Of Pabeni, CZ

MCO f 23

IC  Dragon Main Basted,CZ, JW.                             MCO a 23
Candy mein Ein und
Alles /SDRV/              MCO fs 23


Taylor Elizabeth

Susan's Cats,CZ

MCO n 22



DK Aloa's Knight

of My Heart


MCO n 22

DK Aloa's  Guido Creamweawer

                                  MCO e 22

CH DK Remind's Taramoon Cheyenne                  MCO ns 22


Baccaracoon, CZ


MCO n 22

Hispanocoons-E Shogun

                                  MCO n 22

CH  Pinacolada of Loveliness

                                  MCO n 22